I design posters, brochures, pamphlets and flyers in line with corporate branding and customised to the target market’s needs.



Kaelo Health Winter Bugs Poster

Kaelo Health TB Poster

Kaelo Gap Cover Poster

Kaelo Lifestyle Ways to Connect Poster

Kaelo Lifestyle Tax Season Poster

Kaelo Lifestyle Addictions Poster

CIB Cyber - Print Ad

CIB 25 Years - Print-Ad


Tennelli Course Flyer

LibFin Mentorship Flyer

Everlight Services Flyer

Fitness for Africa Flyer

Brochures & Folders

A selection of company profile folders/brochures.

Deskdrop Cards

The deskdrop cards form part of a campaign to communicate important information to staff or as a reminder of services. In some cases it’s accompanied by a small gift depending on the theme.


C-Yourself Happy this Winter

Know your Rights

Take a Break

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