digital illustrations

Armed with my iPad Pro and Apple Pen, I took my passion for drawing digitally.  I mainly use ProCreate to create drawings and Illustrations. With full access to the Adobe Suite, it enables me to use some of the Adobe drawing apps on the iPad as well. On this page, I will only share one project. Reason being, as my other projects have been locked behind legal contracts deep inside client vaults. I cannot share them at this time until they are ready to publish their work.

The story behind ‘the boot’

This projects leaves a ‘tinge’ of sadness in my throat. The client didn’t take the project any further, but I love the concept and I still want to share the story of Black Boot Spirits. It was intended as a lable for spirit liquor, purely South African, made by South Africans, for South Africans.  Stories about the ‘Black Boot’ has many meanings in the Zulu culture. The client wanted to capture the essence of what that meant to him and so we started working on a Boot…

Digital Illustration Logo Concept
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