Poster designs for distribution to multiple clients:

Kaelo Health Winter Bugs Poster

Kaelo Health TB Poster

Kaelo Gap Cover Poster

Kaelo Lifestyle Ways to Connect Poster

Kaelo Lifestyle Tax Season Poster

Kaelo Lifestyle Addictions Poster

CIB Cyber - Print Ad

CIB 25 Years - Print-Ad


Tennelli Course Flyer

LibFin Mentorship Flyer

Everlight Services Flyer

Fitness for Africa Flyer

Brochures & Folders

A selection of company profile folders/brochures.

Deskdrop Cards

The deskdrop cards form part of a campaign to communicate important information to staff or as a reminder of services. In some cases it’s accompanied by a small gift depending on the theme.


C-Yourself Happy this Winter

Know your Rights

Take a Break