I'm Storm West. Freelance Graphic & Web Designer for hire.

I’m an avid learner, experimenter and explorer of ideas and concepts. Fiate Lux is my personal brand.
Latin for “Let there be light,” Fiate Lux can illuminate your company’s branding and present all of your business communication in a new and more professional light.


PRONOUNCED:  fē-ˌät-ˈlu̇ks

My Portfolio

Companies I had the pleasure to work with

Either indirectly through Next Edge or directly through Fiate Lux

my services

Don’t let your company’s image and visual branding be left in the dark.

Through the following services, Fiate Lux can assist you to capture and grow your market presence:

Graphic Design
  • Brand Development (Colour Palette, Logos, CI document, Business Cards, Company Stationery, Microsoft Office Templates, etc.)
  • Adverts (online/print)
  • Packaging Design
  • Portfolios and Folders
  • Posters, Banners and Flyers
  • Outdoor and Indoor Signage
  • Brochures and Catalogues
  • Proposals and Tenders
  • Annual Reports
  • PowerPoint & Word Templates
  • Photo Editing
  • Vector Infographics
  • Illustrations
Web Design and Build
I have a logical thought process and I am a tenacious problem-solver.

  • Great working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • WordPress CMS
  • Ability to do customisations using CSS
  • Comfortable using Javascript and jQuery plugins to attain a certain effect or installing custom plug-ins
  • Can implement SEO customisations provided by professional SEO agencies
  • I’m an avid learner with regards to the back-end workings of web development, but my strength lies in the front-end and user experience.
  • Skins for Apps on multiple devices
  • Branded Mini Games platform – Creation of 3D characters for animation and the game scenery
  • Drawing of vector based scenery, objects and characters for use in video animations
  • Digital PDF fillable forms
  • HTML Emailers and Invitations
  • Anything digital for web i.e. banners, ads, animated GIF’s.
  • Online interactive presentations using www.prezi.com 

My Process


This part of the process starts in my head and moves to my heart in order to make an emotional connection to the message I want to convey with the design. It’s a very instinctual process for me and crosses over into design while I conceptualise often.


With creative flair, technical competence and artistic skills, every piece of work is crafted with precision to create a unique design that conveys the branded message effectively, in a visually vibrant manner.


At this point I involve my client. I explain the thought process behind every detail and how it connects to their message. Usually the process is smooth sailing from there, but at times I will go back and make changes to the concept and design depending on client feedback. It’s fundamental to ‘get it right’.


If it’s a website, then it’s time to build it! I use WordPress and I am capable of making many customisations using CSS. I never use an ‘out-of-the-box’ template as I believe each client deserves something unique. I build according to my design concept, not the other way around to make a template fit my design.

My passion is exploration...

After discovering the power of After Effects, I went on a mission to set my logo on fire! I have achieved a pretty good result after many complicated tutorials. I loved the challenge and the amazing visual effects. I used to say for many years that ‘my pie in the sky’ job one day will be a game concept artist or visual builder. Maybe it’s not such a far reaching dream, I will continue to explore and learn…